Can You Be Denied Child Custody For Owning A Firearm?

Posted on: 23 April 2019
Although many people purchase guns for personal protection or to engage in certain hobbies (e.g. hunting), having a firearm in the home can actually have a negative impact on certain parts of an individual's life. In particular, being a gun owner can make it harder to obtain custody of children, especially in the current social and political climate. Here are two reasons you may be denied custody because you own a firearm and what you can do about it.
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3 Reasons To File A Character Defamation Lawsuit

Posted on: 3 February 2019
If you have been the target of an attack by either an individual or a business, then you could be wondering about how to proceed. Even though you might wish that you could encourage local law enforcement to press some type of criminal charges against these individuals, this might not be an option. However, there is one thing that you might be able to do: file a character defamation lawsuit. Working with a civil litigation lawyer to file one of these lawsuits can be a good thing for these three reasons.
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Been In An Auto Accident But Not Injured? You Should Still Talk With A Lawyer

Posted on: 12 December 2018
When you think about auto accident attorneys you probably think about legal help to be compensated for your injuries. While personal injury lawyers are considerable help when you have been injured, auto accident legal help can involve much more than that. The next time you are involved in a crash you need to seek legal help regardless of whether you had medical help afterward or not. Here are just a few reasons this is important.
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What A Bankruptcy Evaluation Will Reveal

Posted on: 26 October 2018
Going to a bankruptcy lawyer for an evaluation will not obligate you to file for bankruptcy, but it can be very helpful in revealing information to you. If you are in debt and want a way out, here are four things a bankruptcy evaluation will reveal to you. Which branch you qualify for The first thing you will learn during this meeting is which branch you qualify for. There is a chance you may only qualify for one branch, such as Chapter 13, or you might qualify for both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7.
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